Wednesday, February 02, 2005

PY10 on holiday!

Some time ago I discovered that you can rent holiday accommodation from LJHooker. Sue (my wife - lhs) and I got a 3 bedroom house for a week - here I am (rhs) roughing it with friends at Denison Beach just north of Bicheno:

I've done quite a bit of reading - some really interesting stuff on Integral Theory in physics and education. The physics integral theory was about Ervin Laszlo's Connectivity Hypothesis looking at the relationship between consciousness and the quantum foam. I like the idea that the quantum foam might be holding information about the entire universe in the form of a hologram - a record of everything that has ever happened in the universe... intriguing...

I've spent a lot of time in the garden - I even have cucumbers because our early warm spring give us such a long summer for Tassie. And I can now use the internet to make free international phone calls (using Skype) and have joined in several international 'concalls' on Integral Education - but more about that later...


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