Saturday, April 19, 2008

Virtual Classroom Challenge

Today I joined the April Festival on Jokaydia to listen to Leigh Blackall describe his Virtual Classroom Project. He was challenged by Konrad Glogowski and Jokaydia owner Jo Kay to build an "ideal learning environment" in just one month in Second Life.

That's me above - with Puff my purple dragon on my shoulder.

Leigh described how he used permaculture principles to create a more "holistic" learning environment with "efficient use of space and resources; space design that is conducive to inquiry learning and skills training; and with every single aspect serving some form of opportunity for learning." (Leigh's Blog)

Leigh used (virtual copies) of recycled shipping containers to create a fascinating design that did indeed provide a wide range of learning opportunities. See his second post and project wiki for many more details.

Leigh's presentation really made me think about what we might build on the parcel of land Hobart College has rented in Jokaydia. Access problems to Second Life from within the college IT network have delayed our building over the last few weeks but perhaps that is not all bad... time for a rethink...

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