Saturday, February 12, 2005

Joining the Independents and Privates

Yesterday I got a picture (with gritted teeth?) of the new Hobart College PY10 Leadership Team (Hazel, Heather, Sheenagh, Tony) at ZEPs on the way to Newstead College.

The large meeting (60?) was the first between State colleges and private and independent schools who have recently joined the State Colleges' PY10 process. It went very well with many of the same issues being voiced about directions in education that were expressed by college teachers last year.

We all read and discussed a summary paper on last year's PY10 process and outcomes written by the State PY10 Management Team. There were many suggested changes to the paper and a new edited version will be sent to all colleges and schools by the end of next week.

A number of people from private and independent schools understandably found it a little overwhelming joining the PY10 process after one year. Some called for a glossary to help with terms - some of which have almost become second nature to college teachers over the last year - how quickly we change... Mind you even college teachers still find terms like 'transformational' or 'transdisciplinary' hard to grapple with. :-)

The next stage of the State process will be to write some issues papers beginning with the intended outcomes for 11/12 curriculum drafted last year and moving forward to possible curriculum frameworks that might enable these to be realised by year 11/12 students from 2008.


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