Sunday, February 12, 2006

Things are looking up...

It's official - we've turned Senge's corner! I've just returned from the first State PY10 Curriculum Implementation meeting for 2006. The review process has moved into a new phase with new structures and processes to facilitate the emergence (letting come) of learning, teaching and assessment practices to meet the needs of today's year 11/12 students.

Key changes from the 2004/5 structure include new Regional Learning Teams supported by Regional Project Officers that sit between school/college curriculum teams and the Statewide Curriculum Coordinators Team. There is a new Principal's Reference Group representing both government and non-government schools/colleges with formalised links to their respective Principal bodies, the new Tasmanian Qualifications Authority and the State OPCET Steering Committe.

Much of the meeting was used to look at possible support and coordination processes at classroom, school/college, Regional and State levels for the many project ideas that have been put forward by teachers, and curriculum teams over the last year.

Some of the many ideas from teachers of one college incuded:
  • Global Learning and Leadership - International Student Program; Studies of Society and Environment teachers
  • Human Powered Vehicle - Materials Design and Technology; Sport and Recreation teachers
  • Science for the 21st Century - Science teachers
  • Personal and Social Learning Environments - cross-college
  • Integral Conceptual Frameworks - English teachers across 3 colleges
  • Jumpstart to Visual Literacy - Visual Arts teachers

All projects address the Values, Purposes and Outcomes of the new year 11/12 Curriculum Framework and will be supported by resources allocated at school/college and State levels.

And that's just one school. With so much happening I suggested that we might use blogging and aggregators to help communication across the State and across government and non-goverment sectors. I received quite a few looks ranging from the enthusiastic to the mostly quizzical or incredulous. Blogs are not really a teacher thing - YET :-)

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