Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Weaving Webs

I’ve been playing with Web 2.0 - discovering what I already knew (without using the buzz-word) and exploring new possibilities for learning and teaching…

Where Web ‘generation 1.0’ could be said to be about accessing information and services from the internet Web 2.0 is more about personal presence, contributing, connecting and sharing on the internet. For example rather than ‘google’ for a piece of information I might ask a trusted ‘friend’ through their blog, portal, shared bookmark, messenger service… Rather than seek an expert opinion I might share my dilemma within a ‘community of practice’.

So, while playing with so-called Web 2.0 ‘social software’ such as blogging, podcasting, social bookmarking, blogrolls and feeds I’ve also been reading and talking about about learning ecologies, personalised learning and 21st century curriculum within educational communities.

I have pursued recommended reading such as Personalisation and Digital Technologies , the Social Networks Report , browsed sites such as Electronic Portfolios , and looked at implementations such as my-iPlan and eLGG .

And now I am thinking about the impact of all this on the implementation starting in 2006 of our new State Curriculum Framework for years 11/12. I have begun to map my thinking to show how the new Framework might be supported by our current ICT infrastructure (MS SharePoint Portal) and Web 2.0 principles and practice. There is still much to include such as teachers and teaching, assessment, professional learning... not to mention the management and facilitation of the implementation itself. But it's a start... and it looks pretty :-)

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