Monday, February 28, 2005

A dramatic restructure!

We now have our new college management, leadership and PL structure for 2005 up and running. It's taken some time to clarify role descriptions for the new positions and these will continue to evolve.

The new structure is focussed on supporting teachers with classroom learning, teaching and assessment. Subject areas have been combined into Learning Area Groups (the green areas on the map) with the deliberate intention of placing different areas together - eg Mathematics and Visual Arts.

The number of people with PY10 responsibility and time release has increased from a leadership team of 3 in 2004 to:

  • PY10 Management - 2
  • PY10 Facilitators - 3
  • Py10 Learning Group Leaders - 6

This gives a total team of 11.

All cross-college roles (purple area on map) will have support in PL and implementation issues to do with the wider State of Learning Agenda - particularly Guarenteeing Futures.


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