Sunday, May 08, 2005

Framework Mapping

I've been playing with mapping the new curriculum framework... :-)

In this first one I have used a nested (holarchic) rather than hierarchic representation. I think holarchies better represent the notion of expansion and inclusion we might be after.
If you can't see it properly hold your mouse over it until you see the '<- expand ->' icon.

In the second version I have shaded the right hand side boxes to represent the notion that ALL stages are inclusive of ALL the curriculum principles - values to learning elements.

In the third version I have shown how extra words might be added to give some sense of the emergent whole for each level (called a holon). I am not happy with the words I have chosen but you get the idea...

The fourth version gets a bit more radical. I have changed some of the names trying to embrace different metaphors. On this doc I have started to look at other ways of describing the Learning Elements (don't really like the word 'challenges'...) .

I have also included Professional learning because feedback was critical that teachers didn't seem to be represented. Others would say that the learning refers to boths students and teachers. Anyway... I just put it in to see what people thought.

Finally here is a version from John exploring the idea of turning the pancake diagram on its side...

What do you think? Useful? Clumsy?

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