Friday, March 10, 2006

'Socially Permissive' Students

Largely conservative in economics and progressive in social policies - this is the political landscape of the 2006 Journalism class.

These results come from a fairly simplistic on-line Politics Test - but as the web site says you do get "nifty graphs and charts"!

Nearly half the class sit in the lower right quadrant - they would be Democrat voters in the USA (where the test is based) . I've re-labelled them as 'Labor' voters in the Australian context but I probably can't do that... I also replaced US Republicans with the label 'Liberal' and that doesn't quite fit the Australian scene either... but hey the graphics are pretty :-)

Check out the web site to see the faces of some prominant political figures mapped - someone needs to do the same for some Australian politicians...

There are no extremists in the journalism class - in fact the test results of many came with the label 'Centrist'.

I wonder which parties they would vote for if they were voting in this month's Tassie election... actually 3 students will be voting...



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