Friday, March 18, 2005

Growth Coaching

20 AST3s and PY10 leaders participated in a Growth Coaching session at college today.

GROWTH is an acronym for Goals - Reality - Options - Will - Tactics - Habits and I found it did provide a very useful structure and process to follow when assisting someone to clarify and move towards meeting their goals - particularly when they are also aware of the process.

As presenter John Campbell said "most of the process was 'common sense' but perhaps not 'common practice' ." I have been hearning a bit about Integral Coaching recently. This brings in the concepts of the 4 quadrants, streams of development and different types from Integral Theory. None of this was mentioned in John's presentation but I think it might be well worth following up.

I will probably use the GROWTH structure with my CA students - perhaps even teach them the process. Some have suggested using it for PY10 processes as we move through the year - a definite possibility I think. I wonder if we can incorporate elements of Integral Coaching as well?



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