Saturday, April 22, 2006

The New Story

David Warlick has posted on the Types of New Stories we need to be telling as we implement 21st century curriculum. He has set up a wiki and invited educators to begin "hacking" some new stories.

I've already taken the liberty of hacking David's graphic to include 'shared vision' - a suggestion from a comment on his post - as well as changing 'reform stories' to 'curriculum stories' because I think we are involved in more than re-forming curriculum - there is a necessary degree of trans-formation going on as we move beyond traditional structures and processes. I've also tweeked some of the words to suit a local audience.

Perhaps a more extreme version of telling a new story is 'branding'. I've been trawling so-called "21 st century educational institutions" on the web to find some examples. I've mashed a few to get the following brands, slogans or banners:

  • Bringing knowledge to life
  • Learning for life
  • Community of inquiry
  • The world has changed. So have we.
  • School X: A learning community
  • School X: Wired for learning (perhaps that should be "Wireless for learning" :-)
  • School X: Your gateway to the world
  • School X: Where learning comes to life
  • School X: Building your confidence
  • Follow your interests… Discover your dreams…
  • Connecting learners with opportunities
  • Your learning – Our future
  • Got plans? We’ll show you how!
Any other ideas?

I also found a couple of interesting blogs on the subject - lots of $$$ and pitfalls here!
Marketing to College Students
Inside Higher Ed - Gaglines - with a link to a database with 150 taglines

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