Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Doing IT Differently - B: Personalised Learning

What will be different at HC in 2008?

B: Personalised Learning

2008 will be the first year that Tasmanian students beginning year 11 will have a well developed and formally submitted Personal Pathway Plan indicating their educational and vocational intentions. Pathway progress will be reviewed and plans adapted if necessary before the end of 2009/10 as part of the qualification process for the new Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

In 2008 all students who are doing a Computing subject at HC will develop a Personal Learning Plan where they will map out the learning, teaching and assessment they require for their chosen pathway. Within their timetabled computing course time students will be able to navigate through a number of learning options such as:

  • teacher directed tasks
  • student directed tasks
  • teacher and student presentations
  • online tutorials, presentations, expertise
  • small group and one-to-one tutorials
  • social learning options - see later post
  • assessment options - see later post
Student attendance will be recorded from both attendance and participation - face-to-face and online. Students will be required to show evidence of a minimum participation of 5 hrs per week. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • formal attendance at sessions - recorded ftf and online
  • weekly online journal (blog with desired privacy settings) - RSS feed to teacher
  • Microblogging using Twitter - RSS feed to teacher
  • Social learning activities - RSS feed(s) to teacher
  • Learning folio - tagged documents with RSS activity feed to teacher
  • weekly email

Students and teachers will manage learning, teaching and assessment through the college Portal, college Moodle, college ELGG, RSS aggregators and/or other negotiated ICT tools and services (eg IM, Google Apps).

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