Sunday, January 06, 2008

Doing IT DIfferently - E: Assessment of, for and as Learning

What will be different at HC in 2008?

E: Assessment of, for and as Learning

Over the last three years we have had a close look at our assessment practices clarifying the pros and cons of formative and summative assessment - assessment OF learning, assessment FOR learning and assessment AS learning. (See also Assessment is for Learning - Scotland)

Key Assessment Principles have now been integrated into the K-10 Tasmanian Curriculum and the Post Year 10 Curriculum Framework - as well as into the learning, teaching and assessment practices of many teachers. Note that Tasmania uses criterion-based assessment with competency-based assessment for vocational courses.

In 2008 we will more formally implement, for a larger number of students, a range of assessment practices that we have successfully trialled over the last few years

  • self and peer assessment - students will be supported to use a number of self assessment tools designed to facilitate assessment AS learning. A key part of this process will be reflective online journals (blogs and microblogs) - reading, writing and commenting.

  • formal assessment - existing courses have been redeveloped and new courses written to incorporate a broader range of formal assessment processes: folios, logs, presentations... while the traditional end-of-course written exams have been shortened or even eliminated in some cases.

  • course assessment options - with a focus on personalised student learning comes the need for greater flexibility in assessment options. Computing students will be able to negotiate to be assessed against the most appropriate course well into the teaching year. For some this might mean assessment in national vocational modules as well as a TCE course for the same class.

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At 11:20 AM, Blogger MadMiller said...

This is a really fabulous system which you are developing here - thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Will you continue to blog the progress throughout the year? Will others contribute to the blog, sharing their successes and issues?


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Roger said...

Thanks. I will certainly track progress during the year Allison... and I hope you will hear from colleagues - and perhaps even students - as well.


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