Monday, March 21, 2005

Roger 007!

OK I'm not really going to spy on anyone but the digital voice recorder that the college has just purchased is also available through websites that supply 'spy gear'! Dirk and I wanted to record sound easily and while mobile phones, iPods and PDAs can record sound they are not very good in what is called 'conference mode'. After much internet research Dirk found the MyVoice brand which is half the price of its competitors.

The device is about the size of a small pager so it's very unobtrusive and it's designed to pick up sound some distance away. Initial tests have proved that it does the job.

I'm now working on my first project - a PY10 interview with pictures that I will put together using MS Producer which is a free add-on for MS PowerPoint.

Psst... I also saw a camera inside a pen that you can buy :-)


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