Thursday, March 24, 2005

Making Waves

Here are Andrew and I smiling like two Cheshire cats in my first PY10 interview using MyVoice and Producer. The PY10 team wanted to promote some of the great work teachers are doing and heard about Andrew's innovative use of some junk mail in his mathematics class.

The idea was that we email short (2-3min) interviews for people to view. Unfortunately my expertise as a sound recorder was sadly lacking (as was my interview technique) and the interview sounded as though we both had speech impediments. Sorry the file is too big to link to from here so you can't see it unless you come and visit.

Stefan came to the rescue and taught me all about de-essing using a graphics equalizer - thanks Stefan. I learnt how to load the wave file and cut down the high frequencies that were lisping our s's and t's - this was a big improvement although Andrew wasn't entirely convinced...

Anyway it seemed to come out OK because I had lots of very positive feedback from teachers. I think Andrew also enjoyed making some waves by being in a PY10 interview - something many of his colleagues would not have expected...

Thanks Andrew. Now for my next victim...


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