Monday, April 11, 2005

Quotes from the iNET Conference

“In the not too distant future Beijing will become the new New York.”
Jason Yat-sen Li - General Manager Insurance Australia Group

“Students are not choosing DDD jobs - Difficult, Dangerous and Dirty Jobs.”

“50% of current year 7 students will end up in some form of self-employment.“

“The greatest rate of jobs growth in Australia is in the retail industry. But we are not just talking about checkouts - the retail industry has career paths! “

Mary Nicolson - Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“We need a unique national student ID to cope with the 80,000 students who move interstate per annum.”

Ken Smith - Queensland Director-General Education

“What if...? dare to make a difference.“

Derek Wise (UK) - Principal of Cramlington Community High School

“Our curriculum is driven by leading edge science and mathematics that will shape Australia's future in the next 25 years.“

"Mathematics is a textbook free zone.“

Jim Davies and Jayne Heath - Australian Science and Mathematics School

“ 'India' CD will be a required English text for the VCE in 2006.”

Kathe Kirby - Asia Education Foundation

“Literacy and numeracy standards have declined nationally. While educators are interested in other literacies these are the only ones for which we have hard data and can therefore draw reliable conclusions. While educators have argued that other aspects of student education have improved this cannot be demonstrated.

Therefore we will stick with what we know. Education standards are declining. There is a crisis in teacher quality.“

Andrew Leigh - Economist and researcher at ANU

“There are many generations of students and teachers:

Builders - born before 1948
Boomers - born before 1963
Generation X - born before 1980
Y Generation - born before 1995
Cyber Generation
How much do educators know about the 'cyber generation'? “

Thao Nguyen - final year at University of Sydney

- Australian Youth Representative to the UN General Assembly in New York (2004)

“The future of Australian curriculum is in Tasmania.“

“A key message I'll take back to the UK is what Queechy and other schools are doing in Tasmania.“

Professor David Hargreaves (UK)

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